Just after completing my Project 365 I took part in a charity road trip called the Wanderlust road trip relief. A friend I made hitchhiking with through Couchsurfing had been organising the charity event and had a driver pull out at the last minute so he asked (begged) me to take her place, and with no Project 365 to occupy my time while on the road I gladly accepted.

The aim of the trip was to drive from London to Kosovo to deliver school supplies to children in a learning centre in Europe’s poorest country. We drove 4000km for 15 days, through 15 countries with two carloads of supplies. It was a great experience, the kids were ecstatic when we delivered the supplies and as expected, they were fascinated with my dreads, so much so that one class asked me to come back so they could ask questions and touch them.

I snapped this photo of the supermoon while we were staying the night in the learning centre. The learning centre was literally down the road from a nuclear power station, no further than 1km, yet the learning centre like the rest of Prishtina suffered power outages multiple times a day. Iv’e never been so close to a power station before, yet had no electricity, go figure. This particular night the power was out all evening, so we played cards by the supermoonlight, hardly having the need for candles at all.